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CONTEST: Heinz Ketchup Wholesome Memories

Do you have happy ketchup memories….great cookouts, playing vampire with ketchup “blood,” the first time you made dinner for your parents? Share your memories, and maybe you’ll be one of the 57 who win a Growing Wholesome Memories Kit, with a digital camera to capture new family memories. The kit includes actress Josie Bissett’s book, Making Memories, Heinz Ketchup, kitchenware, recipes, HeinzSeeds, garden tools and more. Estimated value: $250. Entries are due by 8/31/09.

Visit the Heinz website for contest rules and to enter your memory. For each memory received, Heinz will make a donation to the National Gardening Association, a nonprofit organization that works to sustain the connection between people, plants and the environment through gardening.

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If you’ve got the memories, you could
take home the prize.

Heinz Ketchup Trivia:

  • Once advertised as the “slowest ketchup in the West,” Heinz Ketchup exits the glass bottle at 0.028 miles per hour.
  • The secret to releasing the ketchup more quickly from the glass bottle: Apply a firm tap to the “57” on the neck of the bottle.
  • The company no longer makes green ketchup—only red.

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