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NEW PRODUCT: Travel Chocolate, Organic & Fair Trade

Travel Chocolate, 70% cacao, is a rewarding bittersweet chocolate experience.
Fans of organic and Fair Trade products have a new chocolate to try: Travel Chocolate, currently made in 70% cacao bars. The mission of Fair Trade is to have a positive societal impact, focusing on improving farmers’ working and living conditions by paying them fair wages for their products, keeping them from exposure to harmful pesticides, eradicating child labor, providing education to farmers and their families, and farming sustainably (read more about Fair Trade). Travel Chocolate makes regular donations to the Children’s Rescue Mission, which helps the residents of Teupasenti, a poor rural village in the mountainous region of south east Honduras.

So how’s the chocolate? Bittersweet, earthy with dried nuances (see our Flavors & Aromas of Chocolate chart). It’s not a sumptuous chocolate (not flowing with extra cocoa butter), but will please lovers of masculine-style bittersweet chocolate. And, it will please everyone who believes in the dual noble causes of Fair Trade and organic farming.

A 3.5-ounce bar (100g) is $6.50, .71 ounce (20g) bar is $2.75 at Gift packages are available.

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