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Top Pick Of The Week: Ruby Et Violette Cookie Dough Ice Cream


First Kiss—salted caramel ice cream—could
keep someone kissing until the pint is empty.

What can you say about a company that’s the only four-time honoree as a NIBBLE Top Pick Of The Week? More, please! And more!

This week, the Top Pick Of The Week honors go to Ruby et Violette’s luxurious cookie dough ice cream. Forget other cookie dough ice creams. As alluring as they might once have been, they pale in comparison to Ruby et Violette’s. This artisan company raises the bar to the point where you feel like you’re eating ice cream cake—no raw dough flavor, but the taste of the actual cookie.

Some history: The business was born as a specialty chocolate chip cookie baker, making 100 different flavors (about 20 at any given time). Ingredients are primo: excellent Belgian chocolate chips from premium chocolatier Callebaut, plus the finest French fruit and nut pastes and other ingredients (fine dried strawberries for the Super Strawberry chocolate chip cookie, for example). The chocolate chip cookies were a NIBBLE Top Pick Of The Week in 2005. In 2007 the founder retired, and the new owners brought new ideas, including the ice cream and some of the best brownies we’ve ever had. They were a NIBBLE Top Pick Of The Week in 2008, followed by the Seduction Cookies line, which debuted just in time for Valentine’s Day 2009 (and are our favorite of all 100+ cookies).

The ice cream is equally memorable, leveraging the brand heritage of chocolate chip cookies. Each flavor is made with lots of chocolate chip cookie dough—the same dough from which the cookies are baked, minus the raw egg—plus a generous extra handful of Callebaut’s callets, a word which means “bits” (as in chocolate bits) but which you can interpret as “large chocolate chips.”

The result of this ice cream alchemy: creative flavors that are bursting with natural taste and amazing texture—creamy, rich ice cream, huge mouthfuls of cake-like cookie dough and as many crunchy chocolate chips as one’s heart could desire. Ruby et Violette is certainly the best in the Cookie Dough Ice Cream category, and once you dig in to a few flavors, you can decide where else to bestow superlatives. And, since it’s National Ice Cream Month, indulge!

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