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TIP OF THE DAY: July 4th Patriotic Pound Cake

It couldn’t be easier to make this impressive holiday dessert. Cover rectangular slices of pound cake with whipped cream. Line up blueberries and raspberries (or strawberries diced to the size of blueberries) in “stripes” like the American flag. If the fruit isn’t as sweet as you’d like, toss it in a bit of sugar first (which is what the restaurants do—we use Equal or Splenda to save the calories). You can bake a pound cake in a large rectangular pan, cover with whipped cream and decorate to create horizontal red (raspberries), white (plain whipped cream) and blue (blueberries) stripes. If you have room in the freezer, you can make the ice cream cake variation of this dessert, substituting vanilla ice cream for the whipped cream. Patriotism is delicious.

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