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RECIPE: Snickers Icebox Pie


It’s hard to resist this rich, gooey Snickers pie!

There’s nothing to snicker with this recipe, unless you find yourself unable to stop eating it and friends and family post You Tube videos of you, snickered and crumb-faced. A Snickers Pie is a cream pie made of cream cheese, peanut butter and chopped Snickers bars on a chocolate crumb crust. The top is typically decorated with chopped Snickers Bars and sometimes, caramel and /or chocolate drizzles. There are many variations of the recipe; a Snickers ice cream pie can be made with vanilla or peanut butter ice cream, along with the chopped Snickers bars. While this recipe from New York City’s famed Magnolia Bakery doesn’t include them, some bakers like to mix chopped roasted peanuts into the recipe as well. Try your own variations, and see our Pie & Pastry Glossary for a bakery full of pie and pastry types.

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