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PRODUCT: You Say “Goodbye,” We Say Hello!

Goodbye Yellow Brickle Road

Ben & Jerry’s limited-edition tribute

Ben and Jerry’s, the socially concerned Vermont ice cream titan that created such hits as “Cherry Garcia” and “One Sweet Whirled,” has done it again. The company is now helping the world-renowned Elton John AIDS Foundation by reviving Sir Elton’s signature tribute flavor, “Goodbye Yellow Brickle Road.” This mix of chocolate ice cream, peanut butter cookie dough, butter brickle (similar to toffee) and white chocolate chunks will blast you off like a “Rocket Man,” with no “Sacrifice” of flavor. You’ll be “Restless.” It’s “Madness.” “Are You Ready For Love?” Because “It’s the Greatest Discovery.” You’ll feel no guilt with every spoonful, because a portion of the sales from this creamy, chunky “Return to Paradise” treat benefits a great cause. So, buy a pint or three, because “That’s What Friends Are For.”
Take it from us, after the sugar rush has left you and you’re finally out of Elton John song references, gazing into the bottom of the pint, “Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word.” Oh wait, we’ve got one—“The Batch is Back!”

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