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FOOD HOLIDAY: Barbecue Month

As we begin Memorial Day Weekend, note that May is Barbecue Month and go out with a bang. We have plenty of recipes that go beyond the basic burger, to keep you well ‘qued through the end of summer. Review the basics of barbecue before you delve into the Grilling Hall of Fame (15 award-winning grill-ready recipes).More on barbecue:

Best Barbecue Sauces (we taste so many each year—these have sass and class)

Grandville’s Barbecue Sauce (a NIBBLE Top Pick Of The Week, so good we eat it from the jar)

Chocolate Barbecue Sauce Recipe (savory, made with Scharffenberger chocolate, and something guests will talk about for years)

Barbecue Chicken Pizza Recipe (kids love it)

Barbecue Cookbook Reviews

Celebrate Barbecue Month!

And try some good microbrews with your barbecue—also spelled barbeque and BBQ.

Enjoy the holiday weekend!

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