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CONTEST: Create The Next Ben & Jerry’s Fair Trade Flavor

Ben & Jerry

Socially responsible ice cream company Ben & Jerry’s has just launched its latest flavor, Chocolate Macadamia, a “Fair Trade flavor” made of Fair Trade™ Certified cocoa, vanilla, macadamia nuts and sugar. You might create the next Fair Trade flavor, by entering their “Do the World A Flavor Contest” using the fun, interactive “Flavor Generator” on In addition to the honor of creating B&J’s next pint, the winner will enjoy a trip to the company’s Fair Trade cocoa co-op in the Dominican Republic. The deadline to enter your flavor is is May 26, 2009 at 11:59:59PM ET. (After all these years, someone must have finally figured out that “midnight” was ambiguous.)

Fair Trade™ Certified is an international certification that ensures that farmers are paid a fair price for their harvest, and that the products are grown sustainably. Learn more about Fair Trade and how it helps the world.

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