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CONTEST: Your Favorite Restaurant Could Win You A Trip To NYC

If your favorite barbecue restaurant beats all—and you can write it up in a way that will get judges and viewers to vote for it—you could win a trip to New York City and dinner at a famous restaurant (not stated, but we’ll guess it’s Danny Meyer’s Blue Smoke). If you already live in New York City, we’ll guess that you can spend the night at whatever hotel the out-of-towner would get put up at, and maybe bargain for an extra night given that the contest sponsor saves on plane fare. Or, maybe fly in a pal to join you. But that’s just our guess.

What do you have to do? Tell ABC-TV’s “Good Morning America” about that restaurant and its signature dish. You have until 11:59 p.m. on Sunday, April 19. You’ve got 300 words or less. You’ve got to make it juicy and gooood. Details and the online entry form at

Mouth-watering barbecue.
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