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TOP PICK: Daphne Baking Company

This raspberry tart in a chocolate crust could be in your freezer, ready to serve in 15 minutes. All you need to do is add some whipped cream, mascarpone, fresh raspberries or a few chocolate curls.
Sometimes a cookie or slice of cake won’t do: You simply pine for a great tart. You wish you could transport yourself to the pâtisseries of Paris, the best tea rooms of London or that little bakery where you enjoyed so many memorable nibbles. You think that if you only had the time, you’d pick up some of the best butter and a fresh sack of flour from a great mill, drag out the rolling pin and tart tins and fill those crusts with—oh, where shall we start? Chocolate? Lemon? Macadamia? Passionfruit? Pumpkin? Raspberry?

Yearn no more, foodie friends: Daphne has anticipated your needs; all of these tarts can be in your freezer tomorrow. And what lovely tarts they are! All natural and made from top ingredients; just thaw and serve, plain or with a selection of traditional toppings like whipped cream, or with creative garnishes (suggested on the box). You can feast alone or dazzle guests, send memorable gifts or enjoy indulgent snacks for two (each box contains two 3.5-inch-diameter tarts). You can also buy the delicious, buttery tart shells unfilled, and add your own favorite filling.

The tarts are not just tasty but beautifully packaged. Mom won’t complain that you didn’t take the time to bake personally, should a shipment arrive for Mother’s Day. Read the full review, and send your Queen of Hearts these Queens of Tarts.

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RECIPES: Tequila Cocktails

Tequila is North America’s first indigenous distilled spirit, a strong distilled alcoholic liquor. It’s made from the blue agave plant, and is produced via double-distillation in the area around the city of Tequila, located in the western Mexico state of Jalisco. The agave plant grows exceptionally well in the volcanic soil of the region, and Mexican law dictates that tequila can only be produced in Jalisco. Mezcal, the precursor of tequila, can be made from five different varieties of agave, is single-distilled, and is made mostly in the Mexican state of Oaxaca.

The traditional drink of choice for Cinco de Mayo, tequila can be used in the classic margarita or more creative concoctions. The Nibble has put together a collection of fruity, spicy and margarita drinks for your Cinco de Mayo party. Drink up!

Fruity Tequila Cocktails

Cabo Lima
Melon Mambo

Spicy Tequila Cocktails

Cabo Almeja
Cabo Jalapeno
Gazpachito Shot


Melon Margarita
Spicy Yubari Margarita

Turn up the heat with a spicy Cabo Jalapeño cocktail.
Read more about the History Of Tequila and the different Types Of Tequila.

The orginal sugar free, o calorie, 0 sugar cocktail mix

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TOP PICK: America’s Best Artisan Chocolatiers ~ Part IV

Bonbons and truffles from Bespoke Chocolates. Bespoke is a British term for custom-made, applicable to all of the lovely chocolates in this article.
When we were a New York City teen with a palate for good chocolate, we enjoyed Teuscher and Corné de la Toison d’Or, two classic Belgian brands that served a discriminating population. Then came the Godiva revolution—the real Godiva, imported from Belgium, made for Europeans. It was a very different experience before it came to be manufactured here and was Americanized. In its luxurious gold ballotin, for many years, to many Americans, Godiva meant “fine chocolate.”

Then, along with the rest of the food revolution that began in the 1970s, young American chefs and other culinary artists developed a new American cuisine. Along with it came artisan baking, cheesemaking and confectionary. In 1973, amid the Belgian chocolate shops on Madison Avenue, Tom Krön opened Krön Chocolatier with a new American vision of fine chocolate. Other young chocolatiers followed, melding European technique with American flair. Today, America is much like Europe, with numerous cities and towns boasting a notable artisan confectioner.

The chocolatiers in this article are a joy for chocolate lovers. Thanks to the internet, you can visit stores across the country and sample their wares. In Part IV of her sampling excursion, THE NIBBLE’s chocolate sleuth, Stephanie Zonis, presents her latest favorites for your consideration—and in enough time to order them for Mother’s Day gifts. Read the full review, and enjoy her chocolate discoveries.

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TIP OF THE DAY: Butter Ramekins

Instead of bringing butter to the table in a rectangular brick, serve it in ramekins, like some fine restaurants do. In addition to plain butter, you can easily make and serve different flavored butters with style. Use a knife to score decorative cross-hatches on the top; and if you’re of an artistic nature, add a few fresh herb leaves or capers to the center or edges. Or, sprinkle the top of sweet butter with sea salt.

– Find recipes for flavored butters.
– Read the history of butter.
– Learn all about butter in our seven-page Butter Glossary.
– Use these butter tips.

D'Artagnan Truffle Butter

D’Artagnan black and white truffle butters.


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RECIPES: Elegant Tofu

Koketsu’s Spice-Seared Tofu.

To any suspicious foodies out there who think of tofu as a little more than the poor man’s protein: Executive Chef Craig Koketsu of Park Avenue Spring and Quality Meats has recently proven you wrong. As it happens, April is “Soy Foods Month,” and in honor of the sometimes-stigmatized soy product Koketsu created and executed a tofu-centric gourmet menu, featuring the ingredient in an appetizer, entree and dessert. Click here to read more about Koketsu and his ingenious experiment with tofu’s taste and texture.

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