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BOOKS: Save Money With Your Slow Cooker & “Slow Cookers For Dummies”

Cut back on the high cost of takeout. That slow cooker that’s been tucked away in your kitchen cabinet is an easy solution for making delicious, cost-efficient entrees at the touch of a button. Slow Cookers For Dummies provides basic tips and troubleshooting, as well as delicious recipes that go beyond soups and stews. How about:

– Holy Guacamole Tomato Salsa, Peach Butter, and Rhubarb and Strawberry Jam
– Classic Vegetable Casserole with French-Fried Onions, Macaroni & Cheese and more
– Apple Bread Pudding, Chocolate Caramel and Peach Crisp
– Irish Coffee for a Crowd, Mulled Wine and Ruby Red Cider

In addition to convenience and money savings, a slow cooker lets you feed your family wholesome, all-natural proteins, grains and vegetables, and steer clear of prepared mixes and convenience foods that are loaded with salt, hidden sugars and preservatives. Can’t beat that!

– Don’t have a slow cooker? Try this 3-1/2-quart one from Rival.

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