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VALENTINE’S DAY GIFTS: VDay Minus 6 ~ Aphrodisiac Caramels From Theo Chocolate

Is rose an aphrodisiac? Saffron? Ghost chile? We can’t vouch for it, but these bittersweet caramels from Theo Chocolate definitely turn us on! Give them to a caramel connoisseur, who is sure to love you in return. Theo is America’s only producer of organic and Fair Trade chocolate. You can visit the factory in Seattle, or just purchase it on, under “Gift Ideas” in the shop.

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The ghost chile, a.k.a. naga jolokia, is a pepper that grows primarily in the Assam state of India. It is from the same species, but a different variety, of the chile used by Tabasco sauce. When ripe, it measures two inches long and a half inch wide with an orange color, similar in appearance to the habañero chile. It has gained notoriety as “the hottest chile in the world” with a reported 855,000 SHUs, besting the previous record holder, the red savina habañero. However, there was no independent verification of the first test.

Theo Caramels
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