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TOP PICK OF THE WEEK: Ruby et Violette Chocolate Chunk Seduction Cookies

We’ve been seduced by many of the Top Picks Of The Week, but Ruby et Violette’s “Seduction” chocolate chunk cookies at least give fair warning. After we devoured the cookies in record time, THE NIBBLE staff unanimously decided to give a box to our significant others for Valentine’s Day—just so we could have another opportunity to devour them all over again!

The brainstorm of Heather Sue Mercer, whose repertoire includes more than 100 flavors of chocolate chunk cookies, Seduction comprises nine chocolate cookies with different combinations of dark chocolate chunks and flavors: banana/toffee, caramel, cream cheese, curry, ginger, mint, sea salt, toffee and “plain” chocolate chunk. The flavors can be ordered individually or in any combination you like (we bought one of each) and are packaged in a beautiful “keeper” box.

Yet, rich as the cookies may sound, the recipes are so perfectly crafted that you can eat all nine flavors (or at least divide each one among your colleagues) without needing so much as a glass of milk. That’s great baking!

Go bananas with Primal Seduction: bananas
dipped in peanut butter and toffee with white
chocolate chunks.

With this Top Pick, Ruby et Violette takes the gold medal as the only three-peat Top Pick Of The Week winner (check out the rainbow of chocolate chunk cookies and the gorgeous brownies). And Heather’s Sue’s phenomenal ice cream is earmarked for Top Pick number four.

Read the full review, and let the seduction begin!

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