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PRODUCT REVIEW: Cheese of the Week ~ Beemster X-O

Beemster X-O from iGourmet.

This week’s cheese recommendation comes from guest blogger Dana Romero, proprietor of La Fromagerie D’Acadiana in Lafayette, Louisiana.

I love the flavor of this week’s cheese because “the butterscotch permeates the palate, followed by alternating waves of whiskey and pecan.” I am sorry if I am waxing euphoric over Beemster X-O, but it is extremely old cheese that is extremely good. Beemster X-O is an extra double aged Gouda matured for 26 months—a very long time in a world when even a dry Parmigiano-Romano is matured for two years. As a cheese matures, the flavors become more complex; moisture also evaporates, leaving the cheese crumbly and granular. Beemster’s unique milk source enables X-O (signifying Extra Old) to achieve one of the widest flavor ranges possible in only 26 months, yet still retaining its smooth and creamy taste.

Beemster cows graze only on pesticide-free pastures located 20 feet below sea level in North Holland. The rare blue sea clay of these pastures contains special minerals that give the milk a sweeter and softer milkfat, giving Beemster cheeses a softer and creamier texture than other Dutch cheeses.Beemster X-O is wonderful with Port wines as well as sweet whites such as a Riesling. X-O can also be grated and used as an alternative to Parmesan. You can purchase the cheese online through, or Learn more about Beemster cheeses at

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