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PRODUCTS: Food Gifts For The Jaded Foodie

Geoduck neck meat has a deliciously mild flavor
with the crisp “crunchy” texture of a cucumber.
The body meat is tender and has a balanced
shellfish flavor.
If you know a certain person who’s been everywhere and eaten everything…how do you find that special gourmet something to turn his or her head? Marx Foods has put together a page of special somethings, including:

  • Alligator tenderloin (5 lbs., $136.25)
  • Boneless turtle meat (5 lbs., $156.00)
  • Kangaroo boneless loin (approximately 24 lbs., $319.00)
  • Live geoduck, a sashimi rarity (1.5-2 lbs., $97.00)
  • Wild boar tenderloin (approximately 9 lbs., $185.25)

We didn’t say it was inexpensive, but you can bet that no one else will be giving him/her the same gift (unless they also read THE NIBBLE blog).

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