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FREEBIE: Cookie Of The Day Recipes

Home-baked Christmas butter cookies are a
memorable part of the holidays.
  From November 28 through December 24, bakers can delight in a daily, delicious butter cookie recipe, along with baking tips, from cookbook author Gale Gand (Gale’s the executive pastry chef and co-owner, with Ric Tramonto, of one of our favorite restaurants, Tru, in Chicago). Simply visit to sign up.

While you’re there, you can also opt in to a monthly cheese newsletter featuring recipes, cheese information, videos and special offers. Both are brought to you by America’s Dairy Farmers.You can also find these delicious cookie recipes on website:

Chocolate Tangerine Cutouts
Espresso Chocolate Squares
Fennel Pistachio Cookies
Island Sea Turtles
Lemongrass Snowballs
Molten Lava Cookies
Rosemary Blue Cheese Ice Box Cookies
Salted Ginger Crisps

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