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NEW PRODUCT: Michael Phelps’ Sports Drink, PureSport

Olympic swimming champion Michael Phelps has launched PureSport, his sports performance beverage of choice. Phelps owns shares of the company and helped develop the product, created by Dr. John Ivy of the University of Texas, with fellow U.S. Swim Team members. The athletes drank PureSport in training for, and during, the 2008 Olympics. Swim team colleagues Brendan Hansen, Ian Crocker and Aaron Peirso drink PureSport, as does Gold Medal gymnast Nastia Liukin.
The PureSport brand of patent-pending performance drinks features an optimal carbohydrate-to-protein ratio of 2:67-to-1. It is available in two formulations: PureSport Workout, to be drunk prior to and during exercise to improve endurance and reduce muscle tissue damage; and PureSport Recovery, to be drunk within 30 minutes of completing a workout, to speed the storage of muscle and liver glycogen and promote muscle tissue repair.

So, given the choice of a sports drink to maximize your performance, which would you use? The drinks come in a powder form and are made by adding water. One packet is 70g of powder, which creates a 12 oz. drink. A case of 20 oz. bottles (24 servings) and a 3-lb. tub (54 servings) of the PureSport Workout formula retails for a suggested $55 and $43, respectively. A case of 16 oz. bottles (24 servings) and a 3-lb. tub (19 servings) of the PureSport Recovery formula retails for a suggested $60 and $33, respectively. While THE NIBBLE doesn’t normally focus on sports drinks, we do look out for the best products of their kind. With the holidays upon us, this could be just the thing for your favorite athlete.

You can buy the product online at, and at Sports Authority stores.

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