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NEW PRODUCT: Gluten-Free Lasagna & Meatballs

Nothing makes us happier than a good lasagna—and this one will make people on gluten-free diets extremely happy. Made by Food Matters, a company that makes frozen prepared foods catering to dietary needs, we’d be happy to fill our freezer with these. Then, when we have a lasagna jones—often—we’d have a Food Matters lasagna piping hot in 20 minutes, rather than the alternative (spend three hours making our own, or take a long cab ride downtown to the one place in town that makes better lasagna than we do). The meatballs (not shown) also rock. Food Matters will deliver overnight to anywhere in the U.S. If you have friends with gluten allergies, they’ll love this gift! Read our full review in the Pasta Section of THE NIBBLE online magazine.   Gluten-Free Lasagna
So good, so gluten-free. No one will realize it, though: It tastes like any really good lasagna.

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