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TODAY IN FOOD: It’s National Pound Cake Day

Pound Cake
Bake a pound cake today. For inspiration, here’s one from Cakes By Jane.
  A pound cake is a loaf cake made with one pound each of butter, flour, sugar and eggs (that’s about eight eggs), plus flavoring. Vanilla or lemon are the classic flavors, but quite a few variations have evolved through the years—adding sour cream, cream cheese and chocolate to the batter, as well as every flavoring under the sun. (Cakes By Jane makes twelve yummy pound cake flavors with a cream cheese batter, and we are dying to try the Key Lime.) The British pound cake is actually a fruit cake containing currants, raisins, sultanas (golden raisins) and glacé cherries. Pound cakes were the traditional wedding cakes. Since the ingredients are so simple, it’s hard to make a bad pound cake—just use the freshest eggs and butter you can find, real vanilla extract, and don’t over-bake.
Pound cakes are so easy to make—why not whip one up tonight to celebrate National Pound Cake Day? While a plain piece of pound cake is a joy, some added whipped cream, vanilla ice cream or the full monte—a pound cake hot fudge sundae—makes the occasion even more joyous. Discover other delightful cakes and recipes in the Cakes Section of THE NIBBLE online magazine.

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