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REVIEW: El Robost Gourmet Condiments

The unusual artisanal condiment gelatins and coconut purée from El Rebost de L’Empordanet are some of the most interesting foods we’ve seen in a long time. Condiment gelatins made from violets and Cava (Spain’s sparkling wine) transform a dish with just a dab. The Pineapple and Coconut Purée can make one loco for coco. El Rebost is in the Catalonia region of Spain, near the birthplace of the surrealist painter Salvador Dalí. Perhaps it is a touch of Dalí legacy that has led to such fascinating condiments. We don’t know any American company that makes products like these. Their website is frustrating because we don’t speak Catalan; but we read enough Spanish to know that we want to try everything they sell. We wish that the entire line of gelées, confitures, melmelades and xocolates (that’s chocolate sauce, not candy) were available in the U.S. But we’ll be content with the three items we can get. The products are all natural, free of preservatives or chemical additives. Read the full review in THE NIBBLE online magazine, and take a look at some of our other favorites in the Condiments section.   El Rebost Violet Gelee
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