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RECIPE: Great Solution For Leftovers

Turkey Sandwich
Make this delicious “Fallwich” with your
Thanksgiving leftovers.
  Here’s how to combine all of those Thanksgiving leftovers into a delicious fall sandwich or “Fallwich,” created by Marjorie Drucker of the New England Soup Factory in Newton, Massachussetts. The recipe is a winner in this year’s The Ultimate Cranberry Recipe Contest for foodservice professionals, sponsored by Ocean Spray.
– Cut six-inch-long slices of baguette for sandwiches (or buy good hero rolls).
– Whisk together mayonnaise and cranberry sauce in a 2:1 proportion and spread on each half of the baguette.
– Add spinach leaves to the bottom slice, then layer with sliced turkey breast and roasted sweet potatoes.
– Sprinkle some honey-roasted cashews on top.
– Season with kosher salt or sea salt, and freshly-ground black pepper; then add the top slice of bread.
– Serve with a cranberry spritzer: cranberry or cranapple juice mixed with club soda (or try Cranberry Fizzy Lizzy). It’s a delicious sandwich, even if you have to start from scratch, without leftovers.

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