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PRODUCT WATCH: Choctál’s Single Origin Vanilla Ice Creams

When we first reviewed Choctál in April, the pioneer in single origin ice cream had just introduced four single origin chocolate ice creams (Costa Rican, San Dominican [Dominican Republic], Ghanian and Kalimantan [Borneo]) and a vanilla from Madagascar. At last, the other vanilla single origins are rolling out: Indonesian, Mexican, Papua New Guinean, plus a combination Costa Rican Rain Forest Chocolate and Vanilla pint—perhaps the most gourmet (and jumbo) Dixie cup ever conceived. This means you can plan one heck of an ice cream tasting over the holidays. We’re saving our tasting party for New Year’s Eve, but we plan to dig into the pints ASAP. We adored the Madagascan vanilla, and can’t wait to see how the siblings compare. (Allow us to quote from our review: “It tastes like a true artisan product, something that the pastry chef at a fine restaurant would create.”)   Choctal Vanilla Ice Creams
See how vanilla tastes different with beans from different parts of the world.
As with all single origin products, each has a unique flavor profile determined by the terroir (soil and microclimate), the growing conditions and the processing. While we haven’t tasted the new vanillas yet, here’s what the manufacturer promises: Indonesian Vanilla is full-bodied, blending the creamy sweetness of classic bourbon (Madagascan) vanilla with a luscious woody floral note. Mexican Vanilla is sweet and spicy with a touch of cinnamon and a coconut finish (vanilla is indigenous to Mexico, by the way). Papua New Guinea Vanilla has fruity, floral notes of cherry that linger on the palate during a long, lush finish. The Costa Rican Rain Forest Chocolate and Vanilla combines the well-balanced flavors of coffee and caramel in the chocolate with classic, full-flavored Gardella Rainforest Vanilla. If you love vanilla (and it is the best-selling flavor in America by far), how can you resist? They should be savored by themselves and compared to each other, but they’ll be splended atop any pie or cake as well. Read our original review of Choctál single origin ice creams. Find a store locator at

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